1. Participation from competitors from different nationalities in all categories is accepted.
  2. The minimum age for participants is 18 years old unless age is specified in category (Kids & Junior).
  3. The participants accept the commitment from the time they register with the Latin Dance Crown, they accept full agreement with the regulation and rules of the championship that is irrevocably and irreversible. They also agree that they will accept the result offered by the judges, organizers, audience, sponsors or any person linked to the Latin Dance Crown.
  4. Each competitor is required to have a Full Pass in order to participate as well as registered in the Category they wish to compete in.
  5. Once a participant registers online or in person, the participant authorizes the release of all media (photos and videos) for commercial purposes, free from any cost or burden to event organizers. Media can be used whenever necessary by the organization of the LDC, even after the championship is over.
  6. The organization is not responsible for accidents during the preparation or execution of competitors’ performances. Latin Dance Crown is not held liable for competitors’ physical condition or health before, during or after the event.
  7. Theme choreography will not be allowed as well as any use of accessories, such as: flags, caps, hats, chairs,tables, changes of costumes on stage and symbology.
  8. The category that has less than 3 entries will received half of the monetary prizes.
  9. Failure to comply with any rule mentioned in this regulation or in the registration form will result in penalties (loss of points in the calculation of the result of each stage of the competition and up to disqualification if it’s determined by the organization) without reimbursement of the registration cost.
  10. The competitor understands and accepts that the regulations are subject to adjustment. The organization will make it available on the LDC Facebook and Instagram page but most importantly on the website, it can also be sent by email if requested. The follow-up and acceptance of the rules is mandatory for everyone who registers for the championship and the competitor undertakes to accept, without contesting, the decisions of the organization and judges.
  11. In case of withdrawal of a competitor in any category after payment of the registration fee, the organization of LDC does not reimburse the costs paid by the competitor.
  12. The LDC organization is not responsible for anything used by the competitor; as lost, forgotten or stolen items such as personal items including but not limited to costumes, dance shoes, jewelry, etc.
  13. If the organization deems it necessary, it can define an eliminatory stage for any category.
  14. The choreography presented by the competitor must contain, for the most part, specific steps and dance forms that represent the rhythm chosen by the competitor (Salsa, Bachata).
  15. Tricks, Lifts, Dips, Drops and Flares: A trick is defined as any movement that requires the support of another partner to carry or maintain. During a trick, at least one foot remains on the ground. During a lift, both feet can be lifted off the ground. This applies to all categories.  In order to get credit for any of these things, the movement must be successfully executed. 
  16. Couples already selected or invited to participate in LDC 2024 must register like all other competitors.
  17. Competitors are recommended not to use verbal expressions, such as: singing the song, talking to the partner or addressing the audience.
  18. The scores will be provided on a screen by LDC.
  1. Competitors must present themselves at the time that is determined by the organization of the event. Failure to comply will result in loss of points and even disqualification without refund of the registration fee.
  2. In the final stage of categories that have the semifinal format, the order of presentation for the final will be determined by the reverse order obtained in the semifinal stage, that is, the first couple to dance will be the one with the lowest score.
  3. Only the first 6 placed in the semifinal stage that were in the semifinal format will be passed to the final stage.
  4. In case of a tie, the tiebreaker will be determined with the points made in the order of Technique, Rhythm and then Musicality. 
  5. To receive the results or awards during the event, competitors must present themselves properly dressed, just as they were during their competition presentation.


  1. At all stages the candidates will be evaluated by at least 3 judges determined by the event organization.
  2. The judges are free to give their advice and evaluations to any and all competitors after the general end of the competition.
  3. The competitor must not attack the judge in any way, verbally or physically. Competitor can be eliminated, losing the right to the position already obtained.
  4. Only one of the judges will penalize the competitor during the competition. This jury will be determined by the organization.
  5. The final decision announced by the organization of the Latin Dance Crown is irrevocable.
  1. TIMING (20%): Time used to perform the dance, considering their consistency and awareness.
  2. TECHNIQUE (15%): Mastery of movements and figures performed, as well as their complexity. Evaluation of the general technique of any movement performed by the competitor, such as movements of the presented rhythm or techniques of other dances, such as ballet, jazz, hip hop, Cuban culture, etc.
  3. MUSICALITY (15%): Interpretation and musical enjoyment. Harmony between movement and music.
  4. CREATIVITY/DIFFICULTY (15%): Originality, use of new or different movements and/or resources. Also, how difficult were the combinations, lift, tricks, etc used during the presentation.
  5. CONNECTION AND HARMONY (15%): Assessment of the connection between the couple and the harmony between music and movements. The quality of the lead/follower during the dance. 
  6. CHOREOGRAPHY (10%): Choreographic composition, use of spaces, appreciation and general execution.
  7. SCENIC AND VISUAL PRESENTATION (10%): Expression of the contestant or couple, empathy with the audience, harmony, behavior and costumes.


  1. The competitor must wear a show costume. The costumes must be appropriate to the execution of the choreography.
  2. The costumes including any accessories must remain intact from the beginning to the end of the presentation of each competitor.
  3. Participants must be properly dressed. Men cannot dance without a shirt. Women: Minimum heel size is 2.5 centimeters. Men: Shoes – being barefoot is prohibited.
  4. Everyone must wear pantyhose of the color and brand of their preference.
  5. The competitors must be properly groomed (hair, makeup, etc.)
  6. If the competitor does not comply with the above items, he/she will lose a point in the Scenic and Visual Presentation.
  1. Salsa and Bachata music must be used in their respective categories. It is not allowed to use or mix music of any other genre.
  2. Song length must be a minimum of 1 minute and 30 seconds (1:30) and a maximum of 2 minutes and 30 seconds (2:30)
  3. The music is the competitors’ full responsibility and must be uploaded to the LDC website before the competition. LDC will be exempt if editing errors are found in it.
  4. The music chosen and uploaded by the competitor is their responsibility, as well as the editing and speed.
  5. As a backup, the competitor must have a USB drive with the music of their choreography on the day of competition. At the speed desired by the competitor.
  6. In the Salsa and Bachata  categories, the competitor can dance in time 1, 2, 3 or 4. The important thing is the consistency of the same musical time chosen throughout the presentation.
  7. Failure to comply with the rules may result in the loss of points in Timing or Musicality.


  1. For each disrespected rule of LDC regulations, one point will be deducted from the overall grade.
    1. Example situation: Late = minus 1 point; longer song time than allowed = minus 1 point. Total of final score being minus 2 points. 
  2. Competitor that is not backstage 1 hour before their category starts, will have 1 point deducted in their final score.
  3. If competitor is called backstage and isn’t present, 1 point will be deducted in their final score.
  4. Organization or head of the judges are the only ones authorized to penalize the competitor.
  5. Continuous and Multiple Spins: Participants are allowed a maximum of 8 bars/32 pulses/4 counts of 8 for continuous spins. In case of exceeding the allowed spins, there will be a penalty of 1 point of the final score.
  6. The competitor cannot claim the cancellation of the penalty after the end of the championship.

Additional Rules by Category

Solos, Duet Shines, Groups shines

Choreography should be at least 80% Shines.

Cabaret: Couple, Groups, Same Gender

The routines must show a 50% recognizable movement in the designated style of Cabaret (tricks ,lifts, etc.) The other 50% should be the genre specified in the category chosen (Salsa or Bachata). The amount of spins are unlimited in this category.

CLASSIC: Couple, Groups, On1 or On2

A foot must remain on the ground at all times even during tricks.
If both feet are lifted from the ground during tricks (creating a lift), a deduction of 1 point will be taken off each time affecting the final score.
If both parties are dancing by themselves at some point, they are allowed to remove both feet off the ground.
A maximum of 5 tricks, dips or flares are allowed for the routine.